Frequently asked questions

What is The Basics+?

We are an online directory and e-commerce store designed to support Small Local Businesses and American Made Products.

Can anyone list on the site?

If you own a small business you can list your products or services to expand your local community. *Small businesses do include chains up to 10 stores.

What if I already have a website?

You can list a link to your website in the directory or have us create an ecommerce shopping platform for you.

What if I've never built a website before?

Unlike other platforms that will simply provide tools for making website creation easier for a business owner, TheBasics+ will not only do the heavy lifting for you, but increase your exposure and potential sales by listing your brand new site in our directory.

What if my current website has minimal traffic and sales?

Many factors can contribute to low volume of sales on your website, whether it's your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing Strategy, Ad Campaigns, or overall User Experience, every new seller on the site will receive a Free, no strings attached consultation to help identify where the problem may lie.

What other service does The Basics+ Offer?

We can create or optimize your website, take your website to the next level and convert it to a full e-commerce platform, create video ads and multi media production materials, make your site easier to find, and help make any design tweaks that could increase your user experience.


Location: Boston, MA

Phone: 508-635-7502

Email:  info@thebasicsplus.com



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